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Mia C.
Sacred Heart University
The wrong laptop could sabotage your college experience. CampusTech can save you time in finding the right laptop for you specifically and all the needs of either your major and/or courses you may have to take.
Maxwell S.
University of Louisville
CampusTech could have saved me a significant amount of time and money. I, unfortunately, made the wrong decision on my laptop and was stuck using my desktop for the majority of my assignments. If I had access to a tool as useful as CampusTech, this would not have been the case.
Gabby P.
University of New Haven
One of my classes required a program that only runs on Microsoft PC devices – not Apple Mac computers. If CampusTech was there at the beginning of my college journey, I would have purchased a computer that actually runs all the programs I need for my major classes.

People Also Asked

What is CampusTech?
CampusTech is the new solution for finding the right laptop for your college experience. We have researched the industry, technology, and software to know what laptops are best for you based on your school, major, and interests!

We are an independent organization determined to build the next generation of great thinkers through a modern, digital campus experience for students. We work with the top technology providers, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, and others, to handpick the best laptops for college students. There is thought behind every recommendation and you can see our process in our technology guides and CampusTech ratings that are on every search page.
How do CampusTech’s ratings work?
CampusTech ratings work by looking at key areas of laptop specifications such as performance, features, and industry reviews, to generate a rating 0.0-5.0 – the higher the number, the more we think you’ll love the laptop!
How do I choose between a Mac and Windows device?
There are a wide variety of applications you will need, depending on your major. While there are virtual machines that can adapt some software to run on either OS, some applications will not run on their non-native OS. Look for the “Works with your major” flair to understand which OS will work with your selected major!

Student Laptop Reviews

Kirby Callan
Columbia College Chicago | Communications
THE Laptop for College Computer Geeks | Framework 13 DIY Edition Overview | CampusTech It's the perfect match for college students majoring in engineering, computer science, and hard sciences!

The latest from Framework, this modular laptop running the latest 13th Gen Intel® Core i7 Processor is built for performance, repairability, and longevity.