Only thing worse than a Gen Ed class is going to the computer lab…

You should have a laptop that can handle the demands of your coursework, so you can work from your bed or the library... not a computer lab that hasn’t been updated since the ‘90s.
The worst thing you can do is buy a laptop for college without researching and comparing your options. You don’t want to end up in a class where you can’t use your laptop for your assignments.

You need a laptop that can fulfill your course requirements and help your interests. You need a laptop that works for both a chemistry class and editing videos, a photography class and video gaming, and a programming class and 3D rendering.

Computer labs and laptop loaner programs through your school might not be available when you need them most. That’s why you should use CampusTech to get personalized laptop recommendations. We have spoken to dozens of universities across the country and researched the industry to know the requirements expected of any area of study. We take that research and combine it with your interests to provide a list of computers we think will be best for your needs. Alongside each recommendation will be our proprietary CampusTech score, which takes into account a variety of factors that are most relevant to college students and industry reviews to assign a score 0.0-5.0, to show the quality of each device.

So don’t wait, use our tools to get the best laptop for your college experience!