How does the laptop recommendation process work?
We hear from schools and their departments about the recommended device standards for students in their programs. We then hear from you about your major, compare that to the official college recommendation and combine that with any interests you have shared with us (video editing, video gaming, etc.) Based on those factors we are able to pull from our list of computers and show you the ones that most align with your needs!
Can I trust the recommendations provided by your website?
Absolutely! When we recommend computers we treat your needs as a priority before we consider any manufacturers we have partnered with. Rest assured we will recommend only the best laptops for you.
How do you determine which laptops are suitable for my major/field of study?
Our recommendations are based on the official recommendations from your school when possible and in the event we do not have official recommendations we are able to pull from our extensive research on the industry.
Can I customize the recommendations based on my specific needs?
Yes! You have the option to specify your interests, such as gaming, content creation, and 3D modeling, and we will factor those into our recommendations!
Are the recommended laptops available for purchase directly on your website?
No. Our device recommendations will link you to the best place to purchase each laptop! This ensures that we are a neutral third party that has no sway over the pricing of each product – we are here to help you out, not the companies!
Are the exclusive discounts available to all students, or only those who use your website?
The discounts provided on CampusTech are offered through our partnership with the device manufacturers and, as such, are only available to those who use our site.
Can I compare different laptop models before making a decision?
Yes, in addition to providing personalized recommendations, each computer is assigned a CampusTech score, which rates each device on its performance, features, and industry reviews, and generates a score from 0.0-5.0, to show the quality of the device – making it easy to compare!
What if my major isn't listed? Can I still get a recommendation?
While we try to list every major offered, some do slip through the cracks. In this case, we recommend choosing a similar major in the same school or discipline. When in doubt, reach out to our experts or to your school’s academic department to receive additional help.
Are the recommended laptops compatible with the software commonly used in my major?
Yes. This is the primary factor we consider when recommending laptops. Too often students will be expected to use software on a computer with an incompatible operating system or other factors. CampusTech is here to eliminate these problems.
What if I have a limited budget? Can I still find suitable laptop recommendations?
We feature laptops from all price points and budget is a factor in our CampusTech rating! For up-to-date pricing information, visit the product pages of the laptops you’re interested in.
How do I contact customer support if I have any issues with my recommended laptop?
If you are having issues with a computer you purchased you should reach out to the place you purchased the device.
Your TikTok videos are SOOOOO funny!! Can I be in one??
If you can find us, absolutely!